What kind of Toys your child plays with?

Kawallu Wood Toy – copyright Nativa Store. All rights reserved.

Have you noticed how toddlers can spend hours playing with a simple object (whether is a ball, a spoon, or any other bright colorful item) getting entertained like it is the best toy on earth?

Kids always want a trinket. And parents are always interested in providing the most safe and entertaining experience to their loved offsprings. But have how much thinking parents give to the materials used on their children’s toys?

Rainbow color pencils – Copyright Nativa Store

Think about this: particularly among toddlers and babies, those objects of affection are frequently chewed, squeezed, salivated, stepped on or shared with dogs. And while plastics are easy to wash,  and in most cases are very affordable and convenient, they have also be found to release harmful chemicals into the air, and our bodies.

Plastic are also generally toxic to produce, to use, and to dispose of. Even worse, plastic waste is accumulating in giant gyres of debris in the ocean, and sometimes rivers and lakes where, fish and birds ingest them with terrible consequences.

But, luckily, when it comes to our kids’ toyse can all make safer choices.

Wood, cotton, cardboard, wool or felt are some of the many eco-friendly materials recommended for a fun, playful, non toxic doll or ball.

Nativa Store features a new collection of organic toys for your kids. Visit our Children section and browse through our, fun colorful toys and accessories for boys and girls.


One response to “What kind of Toys your child plays with?

  1. natural toys are very healthy and pollution free. very creative for kids …..

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